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La référence sur les recherches scientifiques invalidant la datation
au carbone 14 et les dernières découvertes qui pourraient tout changer


The police and scientific adventure novel based on real facts.

The novel on the shroud of turin

The Shroud - Apocalypsis - (Novel)

Author : Sébastien Cataldo
Publisher : Inceitis

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Distraught over a family tragedy, Deborah Mallay fell prey to the most profound doubts concerning her belief in God. Desperate, and unable to find material proof of the existence of Jesus, nor of the reality of His resurrection and the true existence of Paradise, she sought the advice of a friend, who suggested that she turn to the Shroud of Turin, which she had considered a mere myth. Overcoming her skepticism, this scientist would make incredible discoveries, proving the veracity of this, the most holy relic of Christianity.The revelations that she prepares for the world will lead her to confront the silence of the Church and of the mysterious men who would do anything to deny the reality of her discoveries and to silence her voice...Truth has never been closer.

Based on real scientific discoveries, this novel will plunge you into the mysterious and fascinating universe of this cloth which is thought to have enveloped the body of Christ after his death and upon which his image seems to have been mysteriously imprinted.
Revelations and research brought to light in an impassioned novel in which reality sometimes surpasses fiction.

ISBN printed : 9791094861066
ISBN ePub : 9791094861042
ISBN mobi : 9791094861059
Saint Suaire, linceul de Turin, le carbone 14, son échantillon, les découvertes scientifiques. Pour tout comprendre et tout savoir.